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Conservation Corps Crew Members (YCC & Kingdom Corps)

The NorthWoods Conservation Corps hires Crew Members every season. Crew members are selected through a competitive application process, hired to work at the crew location closest to them, and supervised by a trained leadership team. Successful candidates receive a weekly wage plus hands-on education and employment experience. Members must be willing to meet the meet the mental and physical challenges of working in the outdoors by demonstrating maturity, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic. A commitment to the environment and to their local communities is essential.

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NorthWoods is a proud partner of the Lyndon Economic Opportunity AmeriCorps Program (LEAP). AmeriCorps is a federally-run program administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service, and has directed more than 400,000 individuals in volunteer service throughout the nation since its inception. LEAP is operated through the Patrick and Marcelle Leahy Center for Rural Students at Lyndon State College.

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