Conservation Corps Crew Leader Application

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The Northwoods Conservation Corps is hiring Crew Leaders and Assistant Crew Leaders for the 2017 season. Leaders are highly trained, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals who will supervise crew members (ages 15-18), complete conservation projects, and facilitate educational activities through the summer. Leaders must ensure a safe work environment, compile project logs and evaluations, maintain tools and equipment, and make sure all crew members adhere to Northwoods policies and expectations.

The Kingdom Corps works with northern Vermont and New Hampshire youth to maintain trails, improve riparian habitats, and complete various conservation projects throughout Caledonia, Essex, Orleans, and Coos counties. The NorthWoods, Caledonia, Watershed, and AmeriCorps Crews are based locally and travel daily to the worksite while the Backcountry Crew lives in a remote ‘spike’ camp during the work

The US Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) is a cooperative program between NorthWoods and the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). YCC Crews work at National Fish and Wildlife Refuges throughout the Northeast region. At each site, crews improve wildlife habitats, study and protect wildlife populations, and manage critical refuge infrastructure.


Crew Leaders and Assistant Leaders responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Supervise and manage a crew of 4 – 8 members (ages 15-18) while completing priority conservation projects
  • Facilitate educational development for crew throughout the season
  • Coordinate with supervisory staff on project logistics
  • Compile project logs and member evaluations
  • Ensure a safe work environment for crew members and the public
  • Routinely prepare and maintain tools/equipment before and after projects
  • Serve as an exemplary leader and role model for crew members
  • Maintain strong relationship and communication with project partners (including USFWS staff)


The 2017 season runs from June 19th to August 4th. Professional leadership and conservation training for Leaders begins the first week of the season and is followed by Crew Member training and the summer work season. Candidates must be able to work for the entire season.


Salary: $400 – $550 per week, depending on position, experience, and crew.

Commitment: Crew Leaders and Assistants work a minimum 40 hour week.

Housing: Accommodations vary by location but typically include sleeping quarters and access to kitchen and bath facilities. Camping and facility access is available on the NorthWoods property for Kingdom Corps leaders. Regional USFWS housing facilities are open to YCC leaders depending on availability.


Candidates should possess, at a minimum, the following:

  • Strong interest in natural resource conservation, management, and education
  • Experience working with and educating youth
  • Trail maintenance and construction skills preferred
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and experience managing groups
  • The ability to work responsibly and cooperatively as a member of a team
  • Commitment to protecting and improving the quality of the environment for human and natural communities
  • Experience in best practices for field safety and a general understanding of LNT principles
  • Capable of performing strenuous physical labor such as carrying 50+ pounds, including tools associated with duties (e.g. shovel, saw, etc.), over rough terrain
  • Possess a clean, valid, state-issued driver’s license
  • Candidates must be 18 or older by June 19th, 2017


Qualified and interested applicants should fill out the following information completely and accurately. In addition to the application questions, please upload your resume and a list of three professional references (with contact information) in the space provided. When completed, click “submit” and you will receive an email confirmation within a few minutes.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call (802) 723-6551 ex 304


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