Wildlife Habitat Improvement

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The Corps has worked with a number of local communities, private sports groups, and state and federal agencies to monitor wildlife populations and improve natural habitats.

Each year the Corps participates in a state-wide study of reptile and amphibian populations and partners with agencies such as the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to:

• improve access to wildlife areas
• enhance habitat through apple tree release projects
• and conduct wildlife studies such as grouse brood surveys and Canada Goose Banding

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 Past Projects

  • NH F&W Canada Goose Banding – Connecticut River
  • VINS Loon Platform Construction
  • Bald Hill WMA Bear Habitat Survey – Newark
  • Apple Tree Release, Bald Hill WMA – Newark, Bill Sladyk WMA – Norton, Stannard, Barnet, Charleston, Victory, Walden, Colebrook, NH,
  • Silvio O. Conte NWR Development and Access – Nulhegan Basin
  • Long Spurs Turkey Habitat Improvement – NEK
  • NH F&W Grouse Brood Surveys, Kilkenny Wildlife Area – Berlin, NH
  • Eurasion Water Milfoil Eradication and Education – Seymour Lake, Island Pond and Lake Willoughby
  • NWF Lead Sinker Exchange – NEK
  • VT Reptile & Amphibian Atlas
  • Pondicherry NWR Access -Whitefield, NH
  • Willoughby River Fishing Access, Orleans
  • Bill Sladyk WMA Boundary Maintenance, Fruit Tree Planting, and Access Improvements, Norton
  • Wenlock WMA – Moose Bog Access, Ferdinand
  • VT F&W Wood Duck Boxes – South Bay and Victory WMAs