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Join Pavel as he shares photos, videos, and stories from his recent 360 km run along the Arctic Trail in northern Scandinavia. Pavel completed his 8-day run in August 2017 as part of an ongoing project to explore, record, and share evidence of a rapidly changing climate across northern regions and learn more about climate change’s effects on local communities and on mountain cultures and environments along the way. The Arctic Trail Run was a test of physical and mental limits as well as a chance to learn first-hand about the unique ecology and Sami cultural heritage in Norway and Sweden. An experienced ultra-marathon runner, teacher, and writer, Pavel will share stories and insights from the northern landscapes he has been drawn to for many years, including a 3-day run across Iceland in 2015, and a recent trip to Svalbard — which, at 80 degrees north latitude, is one of the northern-most archipelagos in the world.
Slideshow will be during the dinner following the completion of the Westmore Mountain Challenge. Join us!

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