January 12th 2018 – Weekly Trail Report

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January 12th 2018 – Weekly Trail Report

Willoughby State Forest Trails Update

All the trails have been groomed as of 1/9/2018, which include the Little Loop, Middle Loop, Bartlett Loop, the Connector trail, the CCC road and the Bartlett Mountain rd. Tracks are set on the Little and Middle loops along with the two roads. Not sure how the trails will look after this unexpected rain. If we get the predicted snow and cold on Friday night and Saturday we will be grooming Sunday morning 1/14. (weather dependent)

SNOW REPORT: Willoughby State Forest Nordic Trails

Conditions: Packed powder where groomed.

Trail Length Condition Notes
CCC Road 2.75 K open, groomed, track set
Bartlett Mtn Loop 1.5 K open, groomed
Connector 1.0 K open, groomed
Bartlett Mtn Road 2.5 K open, groomed, track set
Small Loop 1.5 K open, groomed, track set
Middle Loop 2.75 K open, groomed, track set
Total 12.0 K

About Willoughby State Forest Trails

The Willoughby trails include 12 kilometers of wide groomed terrain suitable for both skate and classic skiing and are a gateway to other parts of Willoughby State Forest. Other uses (snowshoeing, walking, crampons, etc.) should avoid the groomed lanes and keep to one side (please). Leashed dogs (per Westmore Ordinance) are permitted; visitors are expected to clean up after their dogs on the groomed trails and in the parking area.

Trails are groomed 2-3 days per week, weather permitting. Trail use is by donation (suggested $5/person) and helps defray maintenance and grooming expenses. Thank you.

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NorthWoods Trails Update

Trails were groomed 12/26/2017 and are ready to go. We finally have enough snow to have a nice base and the cold weather has hardened all the wet and soft areas. With that said the unexpected rain is not going to do our trails any favors. Hopefully after the rain and the predicted snow and cold we will be able to get the trails here back in shape next week. We will keep you posted on the progress.

We endeavor to groom trails 2-3 times a week, weather permitting. Trail use is by donation (suggested $5/person) and defrays the expense of maintenance and grooming. Maps, rentals, and information are available at our Lodge.

SNOW REPORT: Willoughby State Forest Nordic Trails

Trails groomed: 8 kilometers
Conditions: generally loose granular, packed powder where groomed (temp dependent)

PLEASE NOTE: NorthWoods trails  may have ‘early season conditions’, meaning there may be hazards on or adjacent to the trails, including thin cover, some wet crossings and shallow-depth rocks, stumps and branches.  Please use caution.

NorthWoods Nordic Trails

Trail Length Condition Notes
Leadership Trail 2.5 K open, groomed some thin cover, wet hazards between junctions 6-8
Tamarack Island 1.5 K open, groomed
Up and Away 0.5 K open, groomed
Meadow Loop 1.0 K open, groomed
Lower Clyde 1.5 K open, backcountry
Shed Trail 0.25 K open, groomed
Pond Loop 0.25 K open, groomed
Tripp Hill Connector 1.5 K open, groomed
Above and Beyond 1.0 K open, groomed
Echo Lake Trail 1.5 K open, groomed
Olympic 0.5 K open, not groomed  down tree
Total 12.0 K

North Woods Backcountry & Snowshoe Trails

Trail Length Condition Notes
Lang Brook Trail 1.0 K open all trails are open but not groomed; use discretion
Gardner Path 0.75 K open
Lower Clyde 1.5 K open
Echo Lake Shore Trail 0.5 K open
Wolcott Homestead Trail 0.75 K open
Tripp Hill West 2.5 K open
Total 8.0 K

About NorthWoods Stewardship Center Nordic Trails

Ten Mile Square Road, East Charleston, Vt

We are open for skiing and snowshoeing during business hours, Monday-Friday, and offer a variety of terrain and trails. Staff is on-hand to provide rentals, answer questions, distribute maps and lead guided programs (see our website for a complete list of winter activities). Maps
and information are available at the Lodge and at selected trail locations. Trail donations are collected on the honor system and help pay for grooming and trail maintenance expenses. For after hours and weekend use, check-in at our back entry and outdoor info kiosk.

NorthWoods Business Hours: Mon – Fri 8am- 4:30pm
Trail use: $5/person/day (suggested donation)
Ski Rentals: $10/day (nnn bindings and boots)
Snowshoe Rentals: $5/day
Weekend and after hours Rentals are by appointment
Maps and Sign-in at our outdoor kiosk.

We are dog-friendly! (Please clean up after your pet)

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