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Support Stewardship: Become A Member

Change it up! Become a Member of NorthWoods Stewardship Center!

Thanks to your support, there are so many ways for you to enjoy the outdoors at NorthWoods. Your support has made it possible for us to:

  • maintain miles of hiking and skiing trails throughout the northeast
  • provide great outdoor learning experiences for kids
  • help landowners sustainably preserve acres of forested land
  • provide recreational programs and workshops to the public

Your membership helps NorthWoods continue to be a place where the public can come for recreation, peaceful contemplation and to experience nature in the myriad of ways that sustain the human connection to our environment.

Become a Member

When you invest in a NorthWoods membership you will receive:

  • Our publications, including our on-line newsletter and a print copy of our beautiful annual report
  • A membership card that entitles you to attend workshops, events, canoe trips, hikes, and equipment rentals at a discounted rate

But even more important and enjoyable, your membership quantifies the value you place in preserving our natural heritage, and ensures that work we do will continue on for the benefit of future generations.

Become A Member
Membership Level
Member $35
Friend $50
Patron $100
Supporter $250
Steward $500
Stewardship Leader $1,000
Bright Spot in the Universe $1,001 +

Give the Gift of Membership

What better way to say “I Care” than a membership gift donation! Great for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion. There is no question of size: it is as large as the outdoors, comes in all colors and is great for every season.

To purchase a Gift Membership, simply complete our membership form with the recipient’s name, contact information, and a personalized note.

Purchase a Gift Membership

Prefer a Check? No problem! Mail it to us at:

NorthWoods Stewardship Center
PO Box 220, East Charleston, VT 05833

Don’t forget to include your email address so you can receive our monthly e-newsletter!

Contact us anytime at 802.723.6551 or with your questions about membership. We’re happy to help!

Here’s a look at what your membership makes possible: