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NorthWoods’ staff challenge students and teachers to find new ways to communicate and support one another, to conquer individual fears and to reach team goals, to safely explore, survive, and thrive in a wilderness experience. Contact Maria at or call 802.723.6551 *303 for further information.

Students develop leadership and communication skills as they solve problems together and build trust among their group members. Initiatives include lawn and cable games, trolleys, and trust-building activities. There are also a number of activities that can be brought to your location.

Challenge course participants develop a sense of teamwork with their peers, conquer physical and emotional challenges, and exceed their personal expectations. The course is a configuration of activities set in our red-pine forest that begin with trust falls and spotting, leading to a wood-and-cable maze that challenges participants both as individuals and as members of a group.

Culminate a team-building and challenge-course lesson plan with this high-flying, high-ropes event. Participants rise to the challenge as individuals, with their group to support them (both literally and figuratively). Protected by harness and safety gear, students climb a Red Pine and make a safe but daring swing from the canopy to the ground below. Popular with young and old alike!