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While we work to encourage awareness and increase understanding of sustainability throughout the scope of our mission, we’re also working to continually improve the sustainability of our own operations on a large-scale as well as a day-to-day basis.

“Our principles are simple: that in every action we take in the conduct of our business we are taking as little as possible from the earth that cannot be replaced by the earth.”

Meeting the challenge of that principle is not so simple, and is an ongoing focus as we work toward increasing energy efficiency, safeguard the future use of lands in our possession, and move toward the use of low-impact technologies in our facilities.

Here’s what we’re doing now:


  • In 2007 a thorough energy efficiency audit and follow-up improvements helped reduce our electric and fuel consumption by 30%.
  • A 1.5 kw, grid-tied solar photovoltaic installation provides an average 15% of our annual power consumption, while feeding surplus renewable energy into the community.

Find out more about our energy initiatives.

Land Conservation

  • The majority of our 1500-acre land base is under conservation easement with the Vermont Land Trust, ensuring that the conservation values of the land will be protected even if an unforeseen change of ownership occurs.
  •  All of our land is under a forest management plan focused on a principle of sound ecological management, allowing us to make use of the forest’s resources while continuing to monitor the effects of management on wildlife.

Find out more about our land management program.

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