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In addition to the Conservation Corps positions, NorthWoods hires interns through a variety of partnerships in New England. Contact the Corps office for  current availability of these positions. Email: or call: 802-723-6551 x304

Island Keeper Interns Education & Visitor Services (2 Positions) – Stewart B. McKinney NWR

Location: Long Island Sound, Connecticut

Description: The Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge is seeking enthusiastic individuals to spend their summer on an island in beautiful coastal Connecticut while gaining valuable, well-rounded experience working in the natural resource field.  Duties include but are not limited to: interacting with the public by conducting natural and cultural history tours, leading educational programs for youth and camp groups, assisting with island maintenance projects, invasive plant management, wildlife and vegetation surveys, etc.

Shorebird Intern (1 Position) – Stewart B. McKinney NWR

Location: Long Island Sound, Connecticut

Description: The 2016 Shorebird Intern will help monitor piping plover, least tern, American oystercatcher, and other shorebirds on the Refuge as well as on State and private lands. Duties include nest searching, patrolling nesting areas, talking with/educating the public, assisting with fencing/signage/exclosures, reporting on nest/chick productivity, maintaining the Refuge’s electric fence and sound system, and tracking/reporting predators, and managing trail cameras.  The shorebird intern will also contact our island keepers and get regular updates on any shorebirds they have observed on the islands.  Additionally, this intern may be required to visit the islands to survey/monitor which may include an overnight stay on the island in rustic housing.

Roseate & Common Tern Intern (2 Positions) – Stewart B. McKinney NWR

Location: Falkner Island, Connecticut

Description: Duties include but are not limited to:  monitoring productivity of roseate and common tern, banding tern chicks, finding nests in rocky areas, re-sighting fledglings and adults from field blinds, keeping accurate, organized, and detailed data/field notes, doing light maintenance, participating in non-lethal predator management, operating/maintaining small watercraft and associated vehicles, and educating the public.  Responsibilities may vary due to the strengths of individuals.

River Runner Stewardship Intern – Androscoggin River

Location: Errol, New Hampshire

Description: The River Steward intern position is hosted through the Androscoggin River Committee, a network of businesses, non-profits, and government agencies dedicated to the protection and promotion of the Androscoggin River Watershed in New Hampshire. This individual will provide exemplary resource protection and public service through visitor outreach and education during heavy use periods of weekends and holidays during July and August of 2016. The intern will participate in a 2-day training in June with members of NorthWoods Stewardship Center and report weekly to Center staff.