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Westmore Mountain Challenge

Moose – Hor – Pisgah – Haystack – Bald

1 Day. 5 Mountains. 26 Miles.

Thank you to NorthWoods for putting on such a terrific event. Also thanks for all the work you do – building and maintaining trails, shelters, etc. If it weren’t for you guys, I might have to do all that work myself. That would probably take me my whole life and the hiking public shouldn’t have to wait that long. Cheers to you!

Lewis Roberts, Westmore Mountain Challenge First-to-finish: Marathon Length

I just wanted to express our appreciation for a fine day on Saturday. Our son participated in the Westmore Challenge, and he had a wonderful time. His needs were met (cookies!) by friendly faces, and he ended the day with a smile. I was impressed by the very quick response to my questions and by the headache-free support I received in getting him set up for this adventure. Many thanks to all of you for providing our child with a terrific experience of the outdoors. We appreciate all you do to promote the responsible use of the Northeast Kingdom’s treasures!

Amy Kelley

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Congratulations to our hard-hiking participants on a successful finish! Fun was had by all!

Just missed the cutoff for the Westmore Mountain Challenge?

Don’t worry – there is always next year. Sign up now to be the first to get event details for 2018!

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The Route

Moose & Hor Mountains: Hike start via shuttle drop off. Hike 1.2 miles from Moose Mtn parking to Moose summit. 1.3 miles from Moose Summit to Brookside Trail, 0.5 miles along Brookside Trail, 0.6 miles along Mt Hor North Trail, 1.6 miles along Hawkes Trail to summit, then down to trail end on CCC Rd. 1.2 miles on CCC Rd to Lunch/Rest/Shuttle Area. 0.5 miles to Mount Pisgah South trailhead. (Moose elevation: 2339′ gain: 322′ Hor: 2648′)

Mount Pisgah: 1.7 miles from Pisgah South Trail parking to summit. 0.7 miles from summit to East Trail. 1.9 miles on East Trail to Long Pond Rd. 0.5 Miles to Rest/Shuttle Area at Bald Mountain trailhead. (Pisgah elevation: 2751′ gain: 1709′)

Haystack Mountain: 0.4 miles on Long Pond Rd to Haystack trailhead. 1 mile up Haystack North Trail to summit. 1.1 miles from summit down south trail to Long Pond Rd. 1.6 miles along Long Pond Rd back to Rest/Shuttle Area at Bald Mountain trailhead. (Haystack elevation: 2712′ gain: 910′)

Bald Mountain Trail:  2.1 miles from parking up Long Pond Trail to Bald summit (restroom available here). 2.9 miles from summit down Mad Brook Trail to Mad Brook Rd shuttle. (For the ambitious, and to make it a full marathon: continue 5.5 miles down the road to NorthWoods Stewardship Center) (Bald elevation: 3315′ gain: 1482′)

Totals of Possible Legs

Partial Legs:

6.6 miles – Start at Moose, hike to Hor then to CCC Rd
4.8 miles –  Start from shuttle at Pisgah South Trail and hike to Bald Trailhead, then shuttle out.
+4.1 miles – After hiking Pisgah add Haystack Loop back to Bald Trailhead, then shuttle out.
+5 miles – After hiking Pisgah and/or Haystack add Bald Mountain from Long Pond to Mad Brook Trail, then shuttle out.

Full Hike:

20.5 miles – all trails & roads to Mad Brook Rd (then shuttled to NorthWoods)


26 miles – Make it a Marathon! From start to NorthWoods, no shuttles

Did You Know?

Every trail in the Westmore Mountain Challenge has been planned, built, or maintained in part by the NorthWoods Conservation Corps. Each summer, we employ local youth crews to build and maintain miles of trails to public lands across the NEK and New England. This year, we have crews stationed in all six New England states, doing work such as removing invasive species, maintaining trails, planting trees, and building kiosks, bridges, boardwalks and handicapped access trails. The hard work and dedication of these young people, learning to work together, work hard, and value the outdoors, inspires us daily. 

Your entry fee and the money fundraised will go towards supporting our conservation and education programs.


Why are we hosting this event? Because we want more people to know about NorthWoods Stewardship Center and the work we do, such as helping to build and maintain the trails along this route. As a small environmental non-profit, we rely on donations from individuals to help us grow our environmental programming and to host fun, outdoor events like this. You can help by hiking the Westmore Mountain Challenge as a per-mile fundraiser! Click here to print out a donation sheet, or click the button below to join our team online and ask your friends to sponsor your hike. It’s simple and you’ll rest easy knowing that you not only participated in a fun and healthy event, but helped to support the continued environmental stewardship of our region. Thanks!

Join our Team
Sponsor a Hiker


Not into hiking this time around? We will be looking for volunteers to help with hiker support, logistics, celebration prep and much more! There are lots of ways to help out. Check back here for specific volunteer opportunities as they arise, or contact Rebecca: rebecca@northwoodscenter.org.


Trail Use & Best Practices

Safe, responsible and sustainable use of the community’s public hiking trails is a top priority. We will plan for rain or shine but if weather conditions create unsafe conditions or high erosion potential, we reserve the right to alter routes, limit group sizes, or take other measures to keep our hikers and hiking trails in good shape. We ask that all of our hikers practice Leave No Trace principles including keeping on the marked trail, respecting wildlife, and being courteous to fellow hikers who are using the public trail.


Sunrise on October 14th is at 7:03 am, Sunset at 6:03 pm. If you are planning on the full hike, we recommend you start early. Our shuttles will aim to get people dropped off and hiking by 7am, but stay tuned for specifics.

There will be a 4:30pm cut-off for most hikers at the Long Pond Rd shuttle before the ascent to Bald Mountain. Your safety is our primary concern, so if you’re running behind, skip the last leg and take us up on a shuttle back to NorthWoods for dinner!

No entry fee refunds after September 21st. As a fundraiser event to benefit a non-profit organization, know that your entry is going to help support the upkeep of your favorite trails and conservation of the NEK. If you purchased a tshirt, but didn’t make it to the event, that shirt is still yours! We’ll hold it for you or mail it, just give us a call.


October weather conditions in northern Vermont are always variable. We recommend hikers keep an eye on the weather and come prepared for sun, rain, frost and snow. Our hike falls during Turkey and Deer Archery hunting season. Please consider wearing blaze orange in some form for safety on the trails.


For a comprehensive (and waterproof!) paper trail map of the Westmore Mountain Challenge route, consider purchasing the Green Mountain Club’s NEK Hiking Trail Map.


We have some pretty sweet prizes for competitors of the event, donated by our sponsors. Check back here and on our facebook page for updates.


You are encouraged to pack plenty of water and any snacks you anticipate needing. We plan to have a lunch station mid-route for hikers to refresh and fuel up.

Dinner will be from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the NorthWoods Stewardship Center main lodge at 154 Leadership Drive, off the 10-Mile Square Rd. Dinner is free for registered participants and volunteers.


Don’t want to get up at the crack of dawn? No problem. Participants are welcome to camp on NorthWoods grounds the night before and after, or you can reserve a bed in our new (heated!) Bunkhouse for a discounted rate – available Friday night only. Bunks are limited, so please reserve early by contacting Susan (susan@northwoodscenter.org).  If a hotel is more to your style and you have a long drive home, we can recommend some other local accommodations, just give us a shout (info@northwoodscenter.org, or 802-723-6551).

The lands this hike traverses is owned and managed by the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.

Sponsor the Hike!

Interested in getting your business’s logo on the back of our Westmore Mountain Challenge tshirt? Want to donate a prize package for our hard-hiking participants? We welcome community sponsors to support the promotion of our trails through this event and help make this a fun hike for all! Contact us for opportunities – 802-227-2568 or info@northwoodscenter.org

Questions? Email us at info@northwoodscenter.org, or call 802-723-6551