Energy Education: Power for Change Initiative

//Energy Education: Power for Change Initiative
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In a world of rapidly-accelerating changes, from climate change to resource-driven social and economic change, it is critical to do everything within our power to minimize our energy and resource use to sustainable levels.

To help meet this demand locally, NorthWoods developed the Power For Change Initiative in 2007. Combining action with education, we’re working to provide local schools and parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to prepare the next generation for the energy challenges they will face in our changing world.

We kicked off the Power for Change project by performing an energy audit and efficiency improvements, renewable energy installations, and a number of workshops designed to bring these cost- and climate-saving measures into the hands of local businesses and homeowners.

The Power for Change initiative—funded by grants from the Canaday Family Charitable Trust, EPA, Entergy, Vermont Department of Public Service, and Vermont Community Foundation—has two primary goals and a number of efforts within each goal:

 Renewable Energy and Efficiency Systems:

  • Energy audit of our 6,000 square foot facility (completed – 2007)
  • Energy conservation and efficiency measures (partly completed)
  • Install photovoltaic (solar electric) system (completed – 2008)
  • Install high efficiency wood gasification boiler (completed – 2008)
  • Install micro-hydro system (in progress)
  • Install solar domestic hot water system (seeking funding)
  • Demonstration tours and displays (ongoing- call for more information)
  • Online and hardcopy resources (coming soon!)

Energy Education Offerings

  • Teacher trainings
  • On-site or off-site school programs geared to middle school (can be adapted to other age groups)
  • Lesson plans from our Power for Change curriculum teaching kits, and other information resources for the classroom or home school environment
  • Workshops covering topics ranging from energy efficiency to an overview of micro-hydro and biofuels

Contact Maria ( or Jayson ( for more information or call 802-723-6551 ext 303