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The NorthWoods Stewardship Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational, research and conservation service organization serving the communities of northern Vermont and New Hampshire since 1989. Our Education, Conservation Corps, and Forest Stewardship Initiative programs interconnect to provide the knowledge and skills needed to understand the northern landscape, make use of its resources wisely, and help sustain vibrant communities and a healthier natural environment. Our Charleston, Vermont campus is a destination for quality scientific research, youth and adult education, sustainable land-management and conservation services, and outdoor recreation.

NorthWoods operates on a fundamental belief that humans can and must live prosperously on the land, while giving back to the land all that we take from it in a responsible, educated manner. We seek to enhance understanding and appreciation of the role of the natural world, and to inspire direct and positive action in the restoration and conservation of our region’s natural resources. We recognize that the knowledge necessary to achieve these goals is partial, at best, and choose to use our land base as a community resource to identify and research the best-practice models of management for the most sustainable land-use patterns in our region: forestry, recreation, energy production, and, in turn, education and action. View our 2016 Annual Report



Connecting people and place through science, education and action.


Nestled into 1500 acres of forest in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, the NorthWoods Stewardship Center is a destination for cultural and educational events, with a mission to share practical ways of protecting and preserving the northern forest environment as a resource for future generations.

The Center’s talented and enthusiastic staff, knowledgeable in forestry and conservation, is widely known for its leadership in both hands-on outdoor educational programming, and teaching and modeling sustainable land-use practices. The staff is passionately committed to the strong land ethic that guides and inspires all the Center’s work with youth, landowners, and those who enjoy being outside.

NorthWoods operates efficiently, moving toward energy and financial independence. It builds collaborations with strategic partners to expand and strengthen its offerings, and is strongly supported by the Vermont community for its long-standing efforts to integrate people into their landscape, for the benefit of both.