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Conservation Corps

Strengthening Youth, Connecting Communities—Since 1995

The NorthWoods Conservation Corps is a hands-on conservation-based education and employment program for young people ages 15 – 20. Crew members are hired from communities surrounding project areas and are provided with high-quality conservation training and environmental education. The experience provides an excellent opportunity for youth to explore career paths in various fields of conservation and science. The Conservation Corps fields crews annually in six New England states and provides more than 10,000 hours of environmental education and conservation training every year.

The Crews

Kingdom Corps Crews (ages 15-18)

The NorthWoods Conservation Corps works with northern Vermont and New Hampshire youth to maintain trails, improve riparian habitats, and complete other conservation projects throughout Caledonia, Essex, Orleans, and Coos Counties.

The NorthWoods Crew is based in East Charleston at the NorthWoods Stewardship Center and carries out projects in the northern portion of the Northeast Kingdom. 6 crew members, 2 crew leaders

The Watershed Crew completes watershed projects throughout the Kingdom and meets daily in East Burke. 6 crew members, 2 crew leaders

Backcountry Crew (ages 16 – 20)

The Backcountry Crew works five days a week and stays at a remote spike camp set up near project sites located throughout northern Vermont and New Hampshire. Crew members learn advanced trail-building and maintenance skills and gain valuable wilderness experience. 6 crew members, 2 crew leaders

Spring & Fall Crews (ages 18+)

NorthWoods spring and fall crews complete priority projects throughout our operating area and will camp or travel to contract-service sites. Contact us to learn more.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Youth Conservation Corps Crews (ages 15-18)

Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Crews are operated in partnership with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) and work under the supervision of NorthWoods directors and USFWS personnel. Crew members are hired from communities surrounding seven National Wildlife Refuge locations throughout New England.

Our Conservation Corps Staff

Ross Stevens
Ross StevensConservation Service Corps Director
Dusty May
Dusty MayConservation Corps Field Coordinator
Alex Kirk
Alex KirkAmeriCorps Conservation Assistant

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