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Students and groups will learn and practice survival skills in our 1500-acre forest, facing a challenge oriented to their existing skill level and time allotted which will require them to learn and practice:

  • fire building
  • trip planning and preparation
  • shelter building
  • Leave No Trace ethics
  • wilderness first aid
  • backcountry cooking

Each season in the Northern Forest presents the adventurous palate with a host of wild edibles: not only are they fun to hunt for, they can be a true delicacy. From the less-exotic berries and nuts of the northern forest to the Fireweed’s spring shoots, the Indian cucumber and Marsh Marigold, discover the hidden treasures of our woods and wetlands.

Link indoor study with outdoor experience, practicing the basics of route-finding with map and compass.

Students will learn to:

  • create maps and understand their terminology
  • read contour lines and topographic maps
  • locate significant landmarks and natural features

Surviving the snows of the North Woods can present groups with as great a challenge as conquering the famed Himalayas. Whether it is the summertime or a snow-blown winter’s day, teams will face the challenge of planning and executing a group expedition.

Groups will be put to the mental and physical test of working together and incorporating learned survival skills.

The Expedition begins in the Marketplace, where purchasing decisions on group equipment are made. From here, it is off to the woods to build shelters, address medical emergencies, boil water as a team, and more—all the while keeping an eye open for the lurking Yeti; myth or reality? Come find out!