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River projects are undertaken to improve our northern waterways by stabilizing eroded riverbanks, restoring riparian buffer zones and enhancing public access.

From the Coaticook to the Connecticut, the Corps has completed a variety of restoration and enhancement projects that have:

• improved fish and wildlife habitat
• reduced sedimentation and runoff
• and promoted healthier rivers and communities

In addition, the Kingdom Corps has worked with a number of private and public organizations to provide public boat and fishing access on local rivers.


Past River Projects

  • Connecticut River Canoe Access, Canaan
  • Miller’s Run Streambank Stabilization and Buffer Restoration, Sheffield
  • Clyde River Corridor Maintenance, Brighton & Charleston
  • Coaticook River Buffer Restoration, Norton
  • Brighton & Lyndon Willow Nurseries
  • Routhier’s Farm Streambank Stabilization and Buffer Restoration, Bloomfield
  • Passumpsic River Streambank Stabilization and Buffer Restoration, Lyndonville
  • Wells River Streambank Stabilization, Newbury
  • Pherrins River Streambank Stabilization, Brighton
  • Nulhegan River Thermograph Study, Nulhegan River Basin
  • Hook Farm Streambank and Buffer Restoration, Brunswick
  • Fred Mold Park Tree Planting, St. Johnsbury
  • Mt. Orne Bridge Canoe Access, Lunenburg
  • Sleeper’s River Buffer Restoration, St. Johnsbury
  • Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Canoe Access and Campsites, Nulhegan and Clyde Rivers
  • Willoughby River Fishing Access, Orleans
  • Leach Creek Stabilization and Buffer Replacement, Canaan