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Since its founding in 1995, the Conservation Corps has worked on over 24 miles of trails throughout northern Vermont and New Hampshire. In this time, the Corps has consistently outdone itself in quality and workmanship – completing an impressive variety of trail building and maintenance projects.

These projects range from routine maintenance and brushing in Willoughby State Forest to the planning and development of the four-mile Gore Mountain Trail in northern Vermont. Our work has included installing steps, drainages, ladders, water-bars, bridges, signs, and interpretive sites.


Spotlight on Trails: The Bluff Mountain Community Trail

Located in the Village of Island Pond, the Bluff Mountain Community Trail is the Kingdom Corps’ banner trail building project. Since 1998, the Kingdom Corps has worked to restore, expand and maintain this popular local trail with an impressive variety of rock steps, ladders, and switchbacks. In the future, the Bluff Mountain Community Trail (and the Bluff Mountain Lookout Trail) may connect with the Northeast Kingdom’s own long-distance trail: The Bluff Mountain Ridge Trail.

Past Trail Projects


  • Gore Mountain Trail -Avery’s Gore
  • NorthWoods Trails – Charleston
  • Brick Kingdom Trail – Barton
  • Vermont’s Long Trail – Belvidere
  • Lyman Falls Trails – Bloomfield
  • Bluff Mountain & Lookout Mountain Trails – Brighton
  • Kingdom Trails – East Burke
  • Notch Pond Trails – Ferdinand
  • Moose & Loon Trails – Maidstone
  • Boltonville Nature & Cross Vermont Trails – Newbury
  • Brousseau Mountain Trail – Norton
  • Willoughby Falls Trails – Orleans
  • Devil’s Hill Ski Trails – Peacham
  • Wheeler Pond Trails – Sutton
  • Victory Basin Railroad & Umpire Trails – Victory
  • South Beach, Bald Mountain, Mt. Hor, Mt. Pisgah Trails – Westmore
  • Various Locations – Northern Forest Canoe Trail

New Hampshire

  • Cohos Trail – Dixville
  • The Canyon at Indian Stream – Pittsburg
  • Cherry Pond Trail – Whitefield