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Forest Stewardship Institute

Our FSI program is dedicated to advancing the practice of sustainable land management in the Northern Forest. We do this through a combination of science, demonstration forestry, education, and consulting services. Our audience is primarily landowners in northern Vermont, but also includes forestry professionals, students, teachers, and partnering organizations.

The program builds upon nearly two decades of science, forestry, and education work completed by the NorthWoods Stewardship Center in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Initial funding for FSI was provided by the Canaday Family Charitable Trust. Ongoing funding comes from private donations, from fee-for-service consulting, grants, federal forestry incentive programs, and a modest income from sustainable timber harvests in our demonstration forest.

  • Help Protect Our Trails

    NorthWoods needs your help to steward the trails in our 1,500 acre forest. Our Hopkins Hill Trail has become rutted from unauthorized ATVs and off-road vehicle use. While we recognize that off-roading is one way [...]

  • Lumber for Sale

    Sustainably harvested spruce-fir Rough-sawn Framing material (10-18 foot lengths) – 2x4 (sold out!) 2x6, 2x8, 3x6, and 6x6 (plenty in stock!) 2x10, 2x12, 4x4, 5x5, 7x7, and 8x8 (almost gone!) Boards – 1” thickness, various lengths/widths [...]

  • Now Hiring: 2017 Sustainable Forestry Interns

    Description: NorthWoods Stewardship Center is a non-profit organization located on a 1,500 acre campus in East Charleston, VT. Our mission is ‘to connect people and place through science, education and action.’ The crew of three [...]

  • Pavel Cenkl – Climate Run 2017 | Arctic Trail

    Why run? For NorthWoods Trustee Pavel Cenkl, who will be undertaking a 12-day solo run across Arctic Scandinavia this summer, the answer has many elements. As the Associate Dean of Academics and Director of Athletics at [...]

  • Preparing for Climate Change in the Spitzer Forest

    Think the weather's been a little funny lately? According to climate change predictions, we'd better get used to it! NorthWoods forestry staff took that to heart and recently completed the Forest Adaptation Planning and Practices [...]

FSI Resources and Activities

  • Lydia Spitzer Demonstration Forest: Providing a dynamic first-hand example of applied stewardship practices on a diverse 1,500 acre parcel surrounding the NorthWoods Stewardship Center’s facility.  Accessible to the public through 4-season trails and interpretive signage.
  • Educational Workshops:  Engaging and informative learning opportunities for students, teachers, landowners, forestry professionals, and anyone interested in land stewardship.
  • Consulting and Technical Assistance: Providing forestry and ecological services that prioritize long-term forest health and that are customized to address landowner needs and goals.
  • Partnerships:  Joining forces with a variety of conservation organizations, academic institutions, and forest practitioners to strengthen a culture of informed stewardship.
  • Science: Gaining insights through research and monitoring to improve stewardship practices in our demonstration forest and throughout the region.

How You Can Get Involved

  1. Come visit our forest! Guided tours are available for a small fee for groups.  Self-guided trails are also available all seasons. Call or e-mail NorthWoods for more info.
  2. Bring a friend and volunteer a few hours or a day working on access trails, signage, or other forest projects
  3. Attend one of our workshops!  Deepen your understanding of the fascinating flora and fauna of northern Vermont and of the latest in sustainable forest management practices.
  4. Check out our web-resources.  These include some great links for more detailed information, as well as content from our past workshops, and other great information that you really can’t live without.
  5. Let us to help you one-on-one to better understand and manage your own property.  (FSI consulting services information)
  6. Support our work with a donation – individual donations are critical to keeping our demonstration and educational efforts alive and well.
  7. Be creative!  If you have ideas, suggestions, or resources to contribute, please contact us.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Our FSI Staff

Sam Perron
Sam PerronForestry Specialist
Meghann Carter
Meghann CarterConservation Science Specialist
Trevor Banister
Trevor BanisterNorthern Waters Steward ECO AmeriCorps