This Week in the Woods: Winter Tracks

Have you ever walked outside in the morning to find that someone, or something, has been quite busy while you were asleep? Here are some hints to help you narrow down your suspects. There are four main ways that animals move: Walk/Trotters (cat family, dog family, and hoofed animals) move on their toes, front foot on one side, followed by hind foot on the other side. […]



This Week in the Woods: Freezing Frogs

There are five species of frogs that are able to enter a “frozen state” as they hibernate for the winter: the Wood Frog, Cope’s Gray Tree Frog, the Eastern Gray Tree Frog, Spring Peepers, and the Western Chorus Frog. Even in their protected winter homes, temperatures are sure to drop below freezing. This causes the water in their outer cells to begin to freeze. Once this […]

Winter Programs & Conditions   Recently updated !

Trail System Snow Conditions Groomed Open Trails / Total Trails Last Updated NorthWoods Loose Granular Local Trails  10 km / 18 km 29-Jan-16 Willoughby State Forest Loose Granular Yes  13 km / 14 km 29-Jan-16 Q Burke Please See Q Burke Site –  – – Click here for maps of our Nordic trails at NorthWoods, Willoughby, and Q Burke. NorthWoods will be posting up-to-date trail conditions on […]

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McKinney_Outer Island Project

Now Hiring: Conservation Corps Crew Members

 The NorthWoods Conservation Corps is now accepting applications from Crew Member candidates from now until – April 1st, 2016!  – Whether your backyard is the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont or the shoreline of Long Island Sound, the Corps runs ten crews throughout New England in four different states. Join the Corps and discover your community this summer!   Crew Members must be willing to meet the mental […]

This Week in the Woods: Why the heck is it so warm?

December, why are you so warm? This unusually warm start to winter can be attributed to a global event known as “El Niño.” Generally speaking, El Niño can be defined as a prolonged increase in average sea surface temperatures across the Pacific Ocean. A cyclic event, El Niño typically occurs every 2-7 years, every five on average. This ocean warming means different things to different places. […]



This Week in the Woods: Balsam Firs are Busy

The Balsam Firs are busy! Not only do they serve as one of the most popular choices for Christmas trees, they are also highly medicinal. This tree has been used throughout history by many Native Americans, such as the Iroquois, Algonquin, Abenaki, Penobscot, and others. The resin can be used on cuts and burns, as well as turned into a chest ointment for colds and congestion. […]

This Week in the Woods: Dog, Coyote or… Cougar?

Fresh snow yields fresh tracks! But how can you tell if you are tracking a coyote, your neighbor’s dog, or the return of the cougar? Here are some helpful hints: Cats, including cougars, have retractable claws, therefore you will not typically see them in their prints. Cat prints are also wider than they are long. Dogs and Coyotes are a little tougher to distinguish. In general, […]



Now Hiring: Conservation Corps Crew Leaders

The NorthWoods Conservation Corps is now accepting applications for Crew Leaders and Assistant Crew Leaders for the 2016 season. Leaders are highly trained, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals who will supervise crew members (ages 15-18), complete conservation projects, and facilitate educational activities through the summer. Leaders must ensure a safe work environment, compile project logs and evaluations, maintain tools and equipment, and make sure all crew members adhere to NorthWoods policies and expectations. […]

Giving Tuesday & Jay Peak Donor Challenge

  Tomorrow is national Giving Tuesday. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our good friends, for your past support of NorthWoods’ programs and let you know just how much community giving means to us. We couldn’t do it without you! Last December, our Fall fund drive raised $21,000 toward the cost of offering conservation and outdoor programs. This year, our goal is to raise $20,000 […]



Native Trees & Shrubs Planted to Help Local Rivers and Wildlife

The Connecticut River Watershed Council (CRWC) and project partners recently finished planting nearly 400 native trees and shrubs along more than 900 feet of riverbank in Orford, New Hampshire as well as in Bradford and Groton, Vermont. The riverside plantings on the Wells, Waits and Connecticut rivers will help reduce erosion, improve water quality by filtering out pollutants, and increase habitat for fish and wildlife. The […]